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ISBN: 9781573243247
1-color w/ spot art throughout
Book (Hardcover)
Conari Press
6 x 6
224 pages
March 1, 2008

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Her Inspiration

Secrets to Help You Work Smart, Be Successful, and Have Fun

Written by Mina Parker, Foreword by BJ Gallagher

“You may not be able to foresee what the universe has planned for you, but that doesn’t mean your own plans should be unpredictable.”
-Sandra Oliver

“I’ve always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.”
-Gloria Vanderbilt

Her Inspiration is a book with a crystal clear mission: to provide the advice, solace, kick in the pants, pat on the shoulder, hug, or giggle you need when you need it, in short to inspire women to be their best selves. Be inspired by the nine secrets and wise words from hundreds of women around the world and throughout history.

Chapters include:

  • Get Organized or Tips & Timesavers
  • Chill or Give Yourself a Break
  • Create Your Style or Fashion Sense and Common Sense
  • Gather Your Group: Friends, Mentors, and Motivators
  • Indulge Yourself: Little Rewards Lead to Big Accomplishments
  • Work Smart: Loving Your Job and Being the Best You Can Be
  • Achieve: Women Can Do Anything

Parker introduces each secret with some thoughts of her own and then lets the ladies speak for themselves.

Her Inspiration is like having your kindergarten teacher, your mother (and your grandmothers), your sisters, your best friends, and your mentors in your handbag or desk drawer, all on call, 24-7, ready to give great advice.